Cornwall Council Parking review 2018

Cornwall Council Parking review 2018

Important – have your say on Cornwall Council’s parking review; comments must be made by February 15th 2018.

In it are what seem to be some good ideas as well as some that would greatly penalize some people. Cornwall Council need the good and bad feedback and details can be found through this link:

(Details are via the ‘documents’ tab, then in the item 3 PDF Draft Parking Order, with the changes for St. Ives on pages 55 and 56.)

Every year the targets are increased of what St. Ives car parks are meant to achieve, which are never met; this money then goes straight to Cornwall Council. However they have tried to give incentives to help locals and businesses and draw people back to towns. They have also increased some charges including raising prices significantly for yearly reserved spaces in the council car parks and the parking per hour price to £1.50 which will match other towns. Part of their reasoning is to bring them inline with the ‘market value’ which has risen dramatically thanks to private spaces being sold and rented out at such inflated costs. It is also planned that when the St. Erth Multi Modal Hub opens (not this year) it will reduce traffic into St. Ives as it will be directed there via digitized signs on the A30. Prices are also meant to reflect encouraging people to park out of town to try to help ease congestion.

I have put some key point information below as I have found it, but please check it against the official documentation. I cannot stress again how important it is to let Cornwall Council know positive and negative feedback, if one idea gets no positive feedback but another lots of negative the positive idea could be lost to amend the other.

Proposed changes include a Multi-Purchase Session system where you purchase a set amount on your mobile then you can use it to park in a participating long-stay car park for a heavily reduced rate. The cheapest example is Trenwith Car Park  where you could use it to park for 24 hours for just 96p. It is planned that you would have to make an initial minimum £50 purchase so is aimed at residents of Cornwall**. In Barnoon, Island, Park Avenue, and Station Car Parks it would be £1.22 per 24 hours and not applicable in the others.

Barnoon, Island, Park Avenue, and Station Car Parks would also have new season tickets starting at £37.08 for 1 month, £111.25 for 3 months, £222.50 for 6 months and £445 annually. Trenwith season tickets are proposed at £29.17 for 1 month £87.50 for 3 months, £175 for 6 months and £350 for a year.

Free evening car parking is planned to be introduced across all Cornwall Council car parks; times will vary from town to town. For St. Ives the times would be from 6pm – 8am. Other towns have asked for longer free parking and worked out deals with Cornwall Council. Would longer free parking be of more benefit even if it means increasing prices elsewhere? Would 5pm – 9am help residents more and encourage people who parked during the day to relax more and spend the evening in St. Ives rather than rushing back to car parks and going home to eat? The main benefit I see from from free evening parking is day visitors not panicking and rushing back to their cars, as they would likely get a day ticket anyway but it would mean it lasts all night as well.

Increased parking charges for the business and residents’ reserved spaces is the biggest headline item as people who have a reserved space are set have a 50% increase this year and possibly the same the following year. If this affects you please contact the Parking Action St. Ives group (PASTI) on or 01736 791677 to join the voice, together we can make change. These rises are meant to reflect the ‘market value’ of the spaces which are seen to have increased thanks to the inflated private sale of spaces and private spaces/driveways being rented. Penalizing those who work and live here who have no other choice for parking is not fair.

Cornwall Council cannot change the consultation if they do not hear any feedback, I know their website is not the easiest to navigate and this has been pointed out to them but if people do not look at the information available and say what they like and don’t like, others will decide how your town works. Please make your voice heard.




** A week-long ticket costs £47.50, so visitors would probably still purchase it but the reduced Multi-Purchase Session scheme could be applied for by anyone and would be a good option for residents who work in the town.

All new reduced tickets are currently planned to be available to anyone so they could be advertised to visitors to help bring down the cost of their holiday and encourage more people out of the school holiday summer weeks.

If you purchased a Multi-Purchase Session ‘credit’ it could be used on any visit to St. Ives or other towns. They have not yet said it there will be an expiry date to purchased credit so it could be used over multiple holidays.